Adding 1855 beef to your menus means offering you an exceptional meal. Our pride in offering you unprecedented flavor, tenderness and juiciness in one bite. The best cuts of meat selected by hand according to a series of criteria where only 12% of the beef meets the requirements. Ultimate quality meat with an unparalleled level of consistency!


Offering Quebec grain-fed chicken promotes the poultry producers here and the high quality of Quebec poultry products. Selected according to the highest quality standards, raised using innovative methods for animal welfare, we are proud to support provincial chicken!


Offering Quebec pork means choosing an invaluable source of excellent protein, choosing modern farming methods, choosing meat controlled according to the highest quality standards, choosing a natural and hormone-free meat which is ranked as a world leader in sustainable development.

Because Quebec pork is us!


The secret to the success of our cold cuts is the constant evolution of our products. We thrive on the amazement of our customers with our wide selection of artisanal products. We make 80% of our cold cuts here at La Tablée! For the pleasure of eating well, our manufacturing criteria are extremely high. We rely on the freshness and superior quality of the raw materials used to make ALL of our transformation recipes. Our ideal is to create preservative-free products that are delicious and healthy!


Our pastry shop stands out and is characterized by the finesse of its high-end products as well as the quality of its raw materials which, handled by a master, will bring you happiness in the mouth. Our sweet success is linked to the know-how of our pastry chef who, year after year, has amazed us by working with different tastes, aromas, flavors and textures. Experiment with our succulent recipes created for the sweet tooth!

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