Our kitchen! 

Our cuisine is loved by everyone! We cook fresh, home-grown ingredients in original recipes with flavors of yesteryear. We prepare regional menus which make our business a must for tourists. We have the best tourtière recipe in the region and what about our ready-to-eat meals which will save you precious time. We have such menus; Chinese food, meatloaf, sautéed thin pizzas and many more that can be prepared in just 5 minutes !! Incredible and a pure delight! 

We are renowned for our delicious tourtière that charms anyone who tastes it! We also cook pies with meat, salmon, chicken and seafood. Our scallops are incredible and our spaghetti sauce is worthy of that of your mother’s kitchen! 

We prepare for you a wide choice of prepared menus which are available to the customer in our sales counters. We offer sandwiches, cold salads and ready-to-eat on the go. 

Also we offer a range of menus prepared to reheated to bring. You will have the choice of a wide variety including our delicious lasagna, our traditional shepherd’s pie, roast beef in sauce, chicken in sauce, pulled pork and much more! They are perfect for hardworking dinners, a truck stop or any other occasion!

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