Price per Kg 26.89$
Net weight 1.2kg – 2 lbs



Our sirloin roast beef has a strong beef flavor and impressive tenderness. Whether for a family meal or to entertain friends, it is a delicious choice! We offer slow cooking for juicy and tender meat. Take advantage of its cooking time for a drink with friends!


Bake over low heat (275 ° F / 135 ° C) until at least medium rare (145 ° F / 63 ° C).

Adding 1855 beef to your menus means offering you an exceptional meal. Our pride in offering you unprecedented flavor, tenderness and juiciness in one bite. The best cuts of meat selected by hand according to a series of criteria where only 12% of the beef meets the requirements. Ultimate quality meat with an unparalleled level of consistency!

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Price per Kg


Net weight

Environs 1.2Kg – 2 lbs

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