Our ground beef has many advantages. It has the beef flavor you love in a form that cooks easily and quickly. It is versatile, Always fresh and appreciated by all.


EXTRA LEAN (less than 10% fat): It gives a lot of flavor to dishes in which the meat will not be drained. Suggested in meatloaf or cabbage cigars.

Cooking mode :

COOK ground beef in non-stick skillet over medium-high heat for 8 to 10 minutes. During cooking, break it into small pieces. Cook meat enough so that it is completely browned. Cook ground beef to internal temperature of 160oF (71oC). Check the temperature with a fast-read digital thermometer. Never eat rare ground beef.



Adding 1855 beef to your menus means offering you an exceptional meal. Our pride in offering you unprecedented flavor, tenderness and juiciness in one bite. The best cuts of meat selected by hand according to a series of criteria where only 12% of the beef meets the requirements. Ultimate quality meat with an unparalleled level of consistency!

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