Price per Kg : 19.89$
Net weight : Approx. 300g – +3/4 lbs

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Maple pork hazelnuts are a must! They are sliced ​​from the fillet portion and seasoned with maple flavors to become an exquisite skewer. Easy and quick to cook, they will charm you!

Cooking mode : You can roast them in the oil of the pan, barbecue them over low heat, or bake them. Be careful not to go beyond cooking because they are fine and thin, they are at their best in a pink cooking.

** You can also remove them from the wooden skewer and bake them in the pan with a little oil. Add them to your vegetable stir-fries, your rice and even your salads!

Offering Quebec pork means choosing an invaluable source of excellent protein, choosing modern farming methods, choosing meat controlled according to the highest quality standards, choosing a natural and hormone-free meat which is ranked as a world leader in sustainable development. Because Quebec pork is us!

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Price per Kg


Net weight

Environ 300 g – +3/4 lbs


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