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Net weight : 2 cotelettes Approx. 700g – 1lbs 3/4

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Our gorgeous Cranberry-Stuffed Coq au Pork is made with delicious chicken breast wrapped in 100% ground pork stuffing topped with dehydrated cranberries. Luscious and juicy this dish is very popular because it is quick and easy. A must “!

Cooking mode :

In a frying pan, sear the pork rooster on each side.

Bake for about 30 to 40 minutes until temperature is equivalent to 77 ˚C (170 ˚F) for chicken and 70 ˚C (160 ˚F) for pork. The color of the flesh of the poultry changing from pink to white is a good guide if you do not have a cooking thermometer.

Offering Quebec pork means choosing an invaluable source of excellent protein, choosing modern farming methods, choosing meat controlled according to the highest quality standards, choosing a natural and hormone-free meat which is ranked as a world leader in sustainable development. Because Quebec pork is us!

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Price per Kg


Net weight

Environ 700 g – 1 lbs 3/4


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